We design an attractive, talk-worthy party theme, tightly centered around your product or service. Like Italian family party for Vitana Lasagne. Using our proprietary Influencer Screening Tool, we search for and carefully select the most passionate and influential brand advocates to host brand parties across the country or region. We search our panel (50,000+ users), your customer database, websites visited by your target audience and Facebook. Our Influencer Screening Tool has already screened tens of thousands to find the influential Crème de la Crème for clients like Mondelēz, Nestlé, O2 and Unilever.


We make sure that all hosts get the required number of confirmed guests before they receive the courtesy brand partybox loaded with samples of your product, party-enhancing branded content and pass-along tools. Hundreds to thousands of influential hosts prepare brand parties for their friends. Our internal brand ambassador keeps hosts and guests excited and engaged with your brand weeks before and after the party at the proprietary party-planning & sharing hub at your


During the parties, hosts and guests spend 4 hours on average experiencing your product or service hands-on, trying out your brand recipes, engaging in your brand-centric activities and games. 4 hours of unforgettable, talk-worthy brand experience followed by massive word of mouth, authentic brand advocacy and lasting purchase intentions. The word and party photographs reach hundreds of thousands. Through trusted friends!


We measure volume and quality of Word of Mouth in generation 0 (hosts and guests), generation 1 (their friends) and generation 2 (friends of their friends), purchases they make weeks after the party as well as future purchase intention, brand perception, Net Promoter Score® and further ROI.